Toadie comes clean to Kelly

Having assumed Toadie is gay, Kelly sets him up with her gay friend in an attempt to help him get back on the dating wagon, but this forces Toadie to admit he’s not gay. Kelly is hurt that he and Steph had been laughing behind her back, but Toadie shows Kelly his true self and wins her forgiveness.

Elle finally gets hold of Donna and tells her about Jason. Donna tries to play it cool to keep Jason right where the police can get him but he catches on and does a runner. When Jason arrives home, he finds Lucas passed out on his garage floor. Elle hits Jason over the head, rescuing Lucas from danger.

Ringo and Zeke’s new car is impounded by the police. When Susan discovers what has happened she is furious at the boys for spending their money on a dodgy car. Susan tells Zeke if he can’t be responsible for the money his father left him then she will have to look after it for him.

Lucas and Elle share a moment at the hospital before Dan interrupts them with a bombshell for Lucas – he and Libby are engaged. Elle is left wondering if Lucas still has feelings for Libby after all!

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