Toadie confronts Jacob

After discovering that Jacob kissed Sonya, Toadie no longer wants to be his lawyer. Knowing that she did the wrong thing by not telling Toadie about the kiss sooner, Sonya is willing to go along with whatever Toadie decides. Ultimately, Toadie agrees to represent Jacob, but only on the proviso that Jacob ceases all contact with Sonya.

On hearing that Jacob and Sonya have had a falling out, Georgia invites him out for dinner. Over the course of the evening, Jacob confesses the truth behind the fall-out. Although Georgia is upset that Jacob kissed Sonya behind Toadie’s back, she appreciates Jacob telling her the truth. Jacob also appreciates Georgia’s friendship.

Kate and Kyle embark on their first date, deliberately keeping it casual in order to see if a relationship can develop. After a shaky start, the evening goes well, culminating in a romantic kiss. But Kyle still has difficulty being with Kate in the company of others.

Realising he has an issue, Kyle decides to be brave and take Kate on a public date. But when the couple walk into Harold’s, hand in hand, and run into Georgia seemingly on a date with Jacob, Kyle drops Kate’s hand like a hot potato.