Toadie is upset when he discovers the plant Sonya gave to him is dying. He’s desperate to cover up his failure in looking after the plant his wife gave him, but Sonya soon discovers the plant’s rotting leaves. However, she’s moved by Toadie’s efforts, especially when he explains that the plant is a symbol of their love. So Sonya plans a huge romantic gesture for her and Toadie!

Meanwhile, Yashvi is outraged to discover that Jack has been suspended from his role as school counsellor. Later, she hangs out with Jimmy and overhears Luke celebrating Jack’s dismissal. Does Luke have something to do with Jack’s suspension and can Yashvi prove it?

Also, Amy’s still upset after Steph’s decision to kick her off the wellness centre project. Amy tries her best to get back into Steph’s good books, but nothing works. So Elly decides to give Amy a boost of confidence by making her an online dating profile, however, Elly’s good intentions backfire drastically.