After the latest attack on Steph’s home, Toadie makes it his mission to find the vandal and bring him to justice. When Toadie discovers paint on Harry’s shoes, he realises he has found the culprit and gives Harry an hour to tell Kate and meet him at the police station.

Harry tries to come clean to Kate – but flushed with success as she is from the Deb ball meeting, he can’t bring himself to rain on her parade. Left to make the decision on his own, will Harry rise to Toadie’s challenge and do the right thing?

There’s cause for celebration in Ramsay Street when Susan finds out she’s pregnant. Susan calls a house meeting at the Kennedys to let Karl, Libby and Dan know. Everyone is over the moon.

Kate’s determination to have fun leads to her volunteering to chair the Deb ball committee – threatening the authority of stuck-up Amanda Fowler, who believes the position is rightfully hers. The committee is impressed by Kate’s innovative ideas for the event, and Kate and Donna are selected to organise the ball. Amanda tries to force Kate to give up her position, but Kate puts her in her place!

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