Toadie is fuming after finding out that Sam and Sonya were romantically linked at one point. Toadie starts to question if Sam has only come to Erinsborough to find Sonya and, when Sam can’t deny that he still has feelings for her, Toadie believes that Sam has been playing him the entire time. Later, Sam and Sonya meet up and decide to remain friends despite the unfortunate circumstances. But does Sam really want to be just friends?

Meanwhile, Hamish arrives for a tour at the Wellness centre, but Jack is thrown when he recognises Hamish as the man he had an altercation with the previous night. Hamish doesn’t recognise Jack, but Jack doesn’t trust Hamish especially when he keeps making excuses about when he’s planning to donate to the Wellness centre. Jack shares his concerns with Mark who also doesn’t trust Hamish. Will Jack and Mark be able to save Steph from Hamish’s schemes?

Also, Mark is shocked when he finds out Tyler wants to change his surname to Roche. He suspects Hamish is behind Tyler’s latest idea and goes off to confront him. Mark finds Hamish on the boat and catches him stashing documents away. Will Mark uncover Hamish’s plan?