Steph tries to talk to Toadie about how he is feeling after Sonya’s visit but she can sense he doesn’t want to talk about it, even when she tells him that he is amazing. Callum worries that Steph and Toadie are not happy together when he sees Toadie making up a bed on the floor. After reminding Callum that he needs to knock before entering, they fob him off by saying Toadie has a cold hence why he isn’t in the bed with Steph.

Toadie tells Steph that they have to ditch the DVD, given how close they came to being discovered yesterday plus the fact that the date is on the DVD which is another reason it can’t be kept. However, Callum and Sophie enter Steph and Toadie’s bedroom unannounced once again with a bottle of OJ to help aid Toadie’s recovery. Steph leaves them to it to put on the kettle and Callum is suspicious. Toadie says that Steph is upset because she wanted to watch a kooky DVD.

Later, Callum sneaks back into the bedroom alone. Thinking that with the DVD out of the way Steph and Toadie will stop arguing, he takes the DVD out of the case and puts it in his pocket.

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