Toadie is upset that he has to end his clinical relationship with Sam, as the sessions were making a difference. He tells Shane how he feels but, when he hears Sam and Sonya are meeting up, Toadie starts to feel jealous. Does Toadie have a real reason to feel threatened by Sonya and Sam’s past relationship?

Meanwhile, Steph and Amy’s business venture looks like it’s over before it has even began after the marijuana fiasco. Amy is frightened that Hamish will withdraw his money when he hears the news. She explains the situation and Hamish seizes the opportunity and tells Amy that he’s withholding the money, stating that it will reflect badly on his business reputation.

Steph talks to Toadie to see if he can help legally, but there’s nothing he can do. It seems Amy only has one option. She calls Tim Collins and tells him she will do anything to stop him running the story in the newspaper. Will it be an opportunity too good for Tim to refuse?

Also, Hamish continues to drive a wedge between Tyler and Mark as he plays up his concussion to Aaron. Later, Hamish pays off Jamie for planting the drugs at wellness centre’s donation drive. However, Aaron, Karl and David are starting to suspect his dodgy behaviour. Is Hamish’s plan about to be rumbled?