Toadie exposes dodgy Terrence

Toadie uncovers evidence that dodgy psychic Terrence Chesterton has a track record of playing ‘spiritualist’ to grief-stricken clients, taking advantage of them before fleeing with their money. The Ramsay Street residents are devastated at the news, especially Sky, whose fury leads to violence when she discovers she’s been betrayed, and she knocks Terrence out with a sugar shaker from the General Store.

Rosie feels threatened when she learns Frazer and Charlotte were together for two years, fleecing casinos as professional ‘card-counters’. She feels even worse when Frazer admits their relationship was based on the physical side of things, but Frazer makes it clear he only has eyes for Rosie. Later, Rosie angrily confronts Charlotte, telling her that there’s nothing she can do or say which will affect her relationship with Frazer again.

Boyd is surprised to return home to find Toadie in the house. But Steph is worried when he takes the news too well. Later, intending to beg Charlotte for his job back, Boyd breaks down in front of her. In a great show of magnanimity, Charlotte agrees to take Boyd back.