Sonya insists that she and Toadie go to a live outdoor music gig and Toadie finds himself traipsing through the dark with her as they search for the venue. Finally finding it, they discover they’ve left the tickets at home. Toadie finds the situation hilarious, but Sonya is unhappy, admitting she organised the night as a reaction to her fear of losing him after Naomi’s shenanigans. Toadie takes the chance to affirm his love for her once and for all.

In the wake of Josh’s shock decision to quit school, Terese calls on Amber to appeal to Josh with a promise to make his life at school easier by staying out of his way. However, when Amber follows through, she gets the cold hard truth from Josh – he’s over her. Josh finally convinces his parents to support his choice.

Georgia takes Bossy for a walk after Kyle is called in to work, and decides to let him off the leash. But when Bossy goes missing, she comes to regret her decision – especially when he’s discovered lying in the park, the victim of a snake bite! As the vet races to save the little dog’s life, Georgia is racked with guilt. She appeals to Kyle for forgiveness but is shocked when he angrily shouts at her.