Sonya is livid when she finds out that Elly is considering Jack for the position of school counsellor rather than Sam. She immediately thinks Toadie’s to blame, but Shane comes clean and tells him that he was behind Elly’s decision to consider Jack for the role. Sonya tells Shane that she and Sam are just friends, but she’s left stunned when Sam admits he does have feelings for her. Overwhelmed, Sonya says she needs to think about things; however, she doesn’t have long as Toadie lays his heart on the line and tells his wife to meet him at the bridge over the lake if she feels the same way. Will Sonya be there?

Meanwhile, David and Aaron both have concerns about Hamish. David starts to think Hamish is up to something when he abruptly cancels his MRI scan and Aaron has similar concerns when he withdraws his money from the wellness centre. Can they both convince Tyler to be cautious of his dad?

Also, Sheila’s feelings for Hamish continue to grow. She tells Dipi that she can’t believe someone like Hamish is attracted to her, unaware Hamish is planning his escape route…