Toadie gets shot

Guy turns up at Steph’s and holds Steph, Toadie, Katya, Zeke and Charlie hostage at gunpoint, demanding £100,000 from Katya who doesn’t have the cash. But just as Guy threatens to kill Zeke or Steph, Zeke lashes out at Guy.

There’s a scuffle and Toadie wrestles him to the ground, allowing the others to flee. But, just as Toadie thinks he’s escaped the house and Guy’s clutches by knocking him unconscious, a shot rings out and Toadie collapses into Karl’s arms.

Following an exchange of Christmas gifts and a passionate kiss, things move on very quickly between Rosie and Frazer – but when Frazer’s conscience gets the better of him and he pulls away, Rosie is left confused. In fact, she’s feeling so hurt, that she decides to give up on love and throw herself into her work. So she’s feeling extra vulnerable when Paul turns up at her office to seduce her.

Carmella quizzes Will about his background, but he’s reluctant to open up. Later, the couple sleep together, with Carmella having no doubts that she’s made the right decision in choosing Will over the convent.

Also, Paul discovers that Will is Lassiter’s ‘Mr.2 per cent’ and promises to keep his true identity a secret on the condition that Will votes against the Timmins family at board meetings.