With Steph and the baby due home soon, Toadie organises the house and expects Sonya and Callum to help, not realising that Sonya is finding it difficult.

Rebecca is worried that everyone is talking about her following the revelations on the front of the newspaper. The last person she wants to see is Lyn, but Donna can see that Rebecca needs some support and believes Lyn should be the one to offer it.

When Lyn catches up with her, Rebecca loses it, telling Lyn to do her worst, but Lyn assures her she isn’t there to gloat and eventually Rebecca gives in and sobs in Lyn’s arms. Later, Rebecca gets a phonecall informing her Paul has opened his eyes.

Donna and Ringo are planning a trip away to see her Grandmother, and noticing how confused Kate is about her encounter with Declan, Donna invites her along.

Sonya, Callum and Toadie are making the finishing touches to the nursery. Sonya tells Toadie to stop waiting for Steph to call and turn his phone off. Just as he is about to do so, Steph calls.

Frantic, Toadie begins packing a bag, but won’t tell Sonya why. When she tells him she is sick of coming second to Steph, he tells her Steph is going to give the baby away and he has to stop her.

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