Toadie has a fight with a wall… and loses

When Sonya pushes more fertility remedies on Toadie, he feels like his masculinity is being questioned. Determined to prove he’s a manly man, Toadie sets off on a quest to fix the hole in their wall, but ups the anti by insisting he’s going to install a fireplace too. While Sonya worries Toadie’s overcompensating, it’s clear he has no idea what he’s doing.

Trying to save him from the embarrassment of failure, Sonya calls in reinforcements but, when Toadie realises what’s going on, he feels even more belittled. Even though he tries to push on to prove his worth, Toadie hits rock bottom when Callum learns of his shortcomings, by discovering a male infertility website on Toadie’s laptop. Mortified Toadie takes his aggression out on the wall, damaging his back in the process.

Michael encourages Summer to give school more of a chance, but when Tash takes great pleasure in telling her that Andrew actually loved his first day, despite what he told her, she realises her step backwards could put a massive wedge between them. Torn Summer makes a decision that’ll change her life forever – she quits school.

When Emilia claims she didn’t breakup with Lucas for someone else, he feels hopeful there’s still a chance they’ll get back together. Expressing his hopes to Michael, it’s clear he has no idea what’s been happening behind his back.