Steph is unhappy when Toadie moves in his disgusting old armchair from the recently renovated Number 30. To Steph, the chair represents Toadie clinging to his House of Trouser bachelor days. Realising they’re both clinging to the past, the couple reach a happy compromise, prompting Toadie to decide it’s time to take the next step in their relationship. Unknown to Steph, he invites their friends to Charlie’s to witness a very big announcement.

Meanwhile, with his bank accounts frozen, Oliver is unable to pay his expenses for Lassiter’s. Determined to hang on to his inheritance now that he’s about to become a dad, Oliver vows to fight his brother no matter what the costs.

As Susan and Zeke take to the golf course, it’s clear there’s something wrong with Susan when she has trouble carrying the clubs and complains of feeling hot. Zeke goes off to get her some water from the clubhouse, but once he’s gone, Susan can’t even seem to summon the strength to answer her mobile phone.

Also, Rachel, Zeke and Ringo all lie their way through the exam paper inquisition at school. However, as the investigation gains momentum, it looks like it’s going to be increasingly difficult for Rachel to return the stolen paper without being detected.