Toadie is faced with a difficult decision

Having moved into Toadie’s place for a while, Mark is struggling to cope with his mess and decides to have a thorough tidy up. However, Toadie isn’t too pleased and confides in Lucas that he doesn’t think it’s going to work. Poor Lucas also gets Mark complaining about Toadie, but he tells him to persevere, admitting the real reason he asked Mark to move in with Toadie was because Toadie could do with a friend right now.

Later, Mark and Toadie meet for a drink and come to an agreement. At home, Toadie receives a package which is meant for Callum, containing items from his past, knowing these things connect Callum to Sonya, he hides to box.

Summer continues to snub Andrew and refuses to hear him out so when he turns up late to the study day at uni, Summer is surprised to see him. Chris has had enough and invites Andrew for coffee during their break but he turns down the offer.

Despite making out Summer hates Andrew, she can’t help but overreact when she sees him flirting with Emily, the lecturer. She admits to Chris that she was jealous and even though she likes him, she knows they can’t be together because she doesn’t respect him.

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