Toadie is furious with Sonya

Toadie struggles to explain to Callum why he has changed his mind about getting back with Sonya, but eventually tells him that Sonya should never have made that promise to him. Callum tells Toadie that he believed Sonya but when he realises his dad is giving up, he storms out. Harold tells Toadie he can’t stop taking risks in case he gets hurt. Meanwhile, Sonya confides in Lucas, who tells her as an addict, she knows she can’t make promises like that.

Callum goes to see Sonya and when she tells him she should never have made that promise, he thanks her for being honest… finally, before storming off. At home, he asks Toadie why Sonya would make a promise then take it back – Toadie can’t answer.

When Harold’s approached by a mystery man asking after Toadie, he becomes suspicious. The guy, named Troy, says he needs to talk to Mr Rebecchi regarding Sonya. Not wanting to upset Toadie, Harold throws Troy’s number away. However, Troy manages to track Sonya down, and she’s shocked to see him. When he asks if he kept his child, she doesn’t know what to say.

Thinking she might have feelings for Kyle, Jade starts freaking out and tries to keep a distance, but Kyle wants to hang out with her.

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