Toadie is heartbroken

Sonya is still struggling to accept Callum’s insistence on visiting Troy but eventually realises she’ll have to tell Toadie. When she does, Toadie is heartbroken, blaming himself for not spending enough time with his adopted son. Refusing to accept the situation, Sonya encourages Toadie to find a legal way to keep Troy away but as he looks into it, Toadie comes to realise that Callum will most benefit from them both trying to accept his decision.

Tash is struggling to catch up on the study she’s missed and is reluctantly forced to ask Ed for help. Ed struggles to explain the complications of probability but seems to hit gold when he uses an impromptu game of blackjack at Charlie’s to demonstrate the theory.

Unfortunately, they are nearly busted by the police and Tash gets a warning off Kate, but realising the money-making potential of using the theory, Tash insists they capitalise on their skills by continuing the game elsewhere.

And, in an attempt to clear up his own PR mess, Paul tries to conduct a PR coup of his own, only to see it crash while he’s with Zoe.