Toadie is humiliated

Toadie’s humiliated when Steph turns his very public marriage proposal down. Steph explains she hadn’t planned to get married again, but understands Toadie’s desire for more commitment and agrees to change her name from Hoyland back to Scully.

An embarrassed Susan plays down her symptoms, embarrassed by Karl’s fussing and his insistence that she sees her doctor. After some tests, Susan discovers she is simply entering the menopause.

Rachel seizes an opportunity to return Ringo’s stolen exam paper to Susan’s briefcase, although she’s almost caught red-handed by Karl. Rachel feels even guiltier when she learns that Susan is ill and wrestles with her conscience over whether to let her stepmother believe she misplaced the paper herself. But the stakes are raised even higher when Susan reveals that Rachel has been accepted into an advanced literature program, so she can’t risk being caught cheating.

Declan and Bridget go for another illegal joyride, where they run into Bridget’s nemesis Justin, who challenges Declan to a drag-race. Declan’s car is run off the road and Bridget responds by throwing her drink over Justin, messing up his brother’s car. Things take a dangerous turn when the angry Hunter brothers chase Bridget and Declan across town.