It’s the day after the bucks party and Harold tells Toadie what happened with Troy, just as he gets a call from the school saying Callum isn’t there. Toadie’s worry turns to anger when he finds a note from Callum saying he’s gone to Puckapunyal with Troy, despite being told he wasn’t allowed.

When they arrive home, Toadie’s furious, telling Troy he’ll never see Callum alone again, but when it emerges that Callum hid in the back of Troy’s car and he hadn’t taken him, Sonya expects Toadie to apologise, but he doesn’t. Stirring the situation up, Troy tells Sonya that Harold and Carolyn tried to pay him to leave town. Furious, Sonya confronts Toadie.

Tash misses the days when her, Chris, Andrew and Summer used to hang out together, now Summer and Andrew are loved up and always together. Even in class, they’re constantly pashing and it’s getting on Tash’s nerves. Things get worse when her interfering ways cause Chris to cancel their plans.

Home alone, and bored, Tash heads to Charlie’s. At the bar she meets a girl who just so happens to look like her, and when she’s not looking, Tash takes her ID and calls her dad saying she’s staying at Chris’s overnight.

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