Toadie learns that Sonya knows it was his choice to increase his workload and apologises, explaining his reasons. Having overheard the conversation, Callum tries to help out by organising tickets to the big football match but, on the day, Toadie heads off to work again.

Callum turns up at Toadie’s office and lashes out at him for choosing work over his family and, seeing his son’s distress, Toadie asks Charlotte for the afternoon off to sort things out. But Charlotte has a string of important meetings planned and refuses to let him go. Regardless, Toadie heads out after Callum.

Paul realises something’s up between Andrew and Summer and eventually finds out about the ‘break’. Unsure of how to support his son, he asks Susan for advice and she suggests he distracts him with work to keep his mind off things. Meanwhile, Paul continues with his plans to cause problems for Ajay.

Susan also tries to help Summer, who’s clearly very upset. She invites her along to book club as a distraction but Susan’s plans fail when Summer realises she’s the only one who’s read the book.