Toadie makes his feelings known

Dan and Libby worry that Toadie still has feelings for Steph, especially when they find out Toadie has rewritten the end of the play which reveals his true feelings. Dan approaches Toadie telling him he thinks he’s jealous of Greg and that he should show Steph the new play before it goes public. When Toadie approaches Steph it backfires and they end up having a massive argument.

Toadie tries to train with the Dingoes and realises that he doesn’t cut it and struggles to come to terms with his low self-confidence and writes a new play in a vengeful effort to get over his break-up with Steph. When Dan finds out about the new ending he tells him Steph will be crushed, but Toadie says it’s payback time!

The Kennedys dishwasher breaks again and Karl refuses to have it fixed. Susan goes on strike until he buys a new one and Karl fights back by turning the kitchen into a disaster zone. Both Karl and Susan secretly enjoy the struggle for power, but pretend that a working dishwasher is a serious issue.

Also, Ringo faces his demons when he trains with the Dingoes for the first time since the end of his AFL career.

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