Toadie meets Sonya for a coffee and it is clear there are still feelings between them. Just as Sonya is about to tell Toadie something important, Callum interrupts and the moment is lost.

At Toadie’s Buck’s party, it seems Lucas has had a change of heart and congratulates Toadie on his upcoming wedding to Steph. However, when Lucas also announces that Sonya is leaving to live in Perth with her new boyfriend, Toadie struggles to hide his shock. He runs round to see Sonya, but she’s already left.

Toadie is struggling to deal with Sonya’s departure and asks to be left alone. There is a knock at the door and Toadie’s surprised to see Sonya. After an awkward and sad conversation, Sonya leaves and Toadie’s anger gets the better of him.

Having been offered a place at the National Basketball Academy, Harry has decided to accept it, telling Sophie he is leaving for Sydney… tomorrow! How will Harry tell Kate?

Kate meets Terry to talk about the dance troupe and he takes an instant shine to Lyn. Kate is more interested in helping Lou and Terry to become friends, and arranges for them to meet. Both think they are being set up with women and are disappointed when they see each other. Terry walks off and sees Kate, telling her to set him up with Lyn as soon as possible!

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