Toadie puts Nell in danger

Sonya leaves Toadie and Nell alone while she picks up croissants from the local bakery, and Nell runs outside when she and Toadie get caught up in a game of hide and seek. Toadie tries to stop her, but his wheelchair catches on the furniture. Mark sees Nell heading for the driveway just as Sonya is returning. He yells out, and Sonya slams on the brakes.

Susan intervenes when she she’s Russell shouting at Ben, and Tyler begs Karl not to betray his knowledge that Russ used to hit him. Karl does tell Susan, however, and they wonder whether they should warn Sheila. The next morning, Tyler sees how shaken Ben is and faces the fact that history is repeating itself with his father.

Aaron offers himself as Nate’s man-slave for a week – but Russ wonders whether it’s the best way to get Nate’s attention. When an exasperated Nate tells him he’s had enough, Aaron comes clean about his feelings. But Nate just thinks it’s all part of the man-slave shtick, and treats it like a big joke.