As Steph and Jay share a romantic getaway at his remote cabin, Toadie and Nicole are on their trail. Realising that Jay is up to no good, Steph calls Toadie to tell him where they are staying. Meanwhile, although she is desperate to leave, Steph plays along with Jay’s mind games to keep her and Charlie safe.

Fearful for her life, Steph later tries to escape but Jay knocks her unconscious. She wakes up to find herself to be surrounded by flammable liquid and Jay flicking his lighter a few metres away. Steph almost convinces Jay to stop, but is disrupted by Toadie’s arrival. He bursts through the door and wrestles with Jay, who is too strong for him. Toadie is pushed to the ground as Jay turns his attention to the frightened Steph…

Libby and Dan consider taking action when Bridget and Declan kiss at school. In the aftermath, Steve and Rebecca discuss Bridget and Declan’s future and Rebecca warns Bridget to be careful. Later, Bridget tells a disappointed Declan that she wants to take things slower in future.

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