Toadie has to say goodbye

Willow makes a decision that leaves Toadie heartbroken

Willow feels torn between living with Toadie or packing her bags and starting a new life with her biological dad and sisters. Toadie puts his feelings to one side and encourages Willow to do what she thinks is best for her future. So, with Toadie’s blessing, she’s decided to go and live with Fergus. Toadie then decides he will go with her to help Willow settle in for the first few weeks. Willow says her goodbyes and her final goodbye with Sonya. The pair have a heart to heart and Willow advises Sonya to tell Toadie how she feels before it’s too late. Will Sonya take her advice?

The next day, Sonya puts her relationship woes to one side and prepares for her pitch with the council to get them on board with the Liveability campaign. However, Tim Collins is determined to ruin Sonya’s plans – will he succeed?

Also, it’s the morning after Steph and Jack’s passionate night and things are slightly awkward between the pair. Jack claims he can keep things casual – but Steph doesn’t believe him. Later, Steph’s struggling with fatigue and later has a flashback of when she kidnapped baby Patrick. What’s wrong with Steph?