Toadie says farewell to Callum

Having learnt that his life with Toadie is under threat, Callum starts acting up and Toadie attempts to seek advice from Kelly, but she only manages to raise further doubt in his mind as to whether he’s the right person to raise Callum. Meanwhile, Callum uses the rubbish bin to torch all of Nicola’s personal belongings in a bid to get over her departure. And Toadie makes one of the hardest decisions he’s ever had to make and says farewell to Callum, sending him off to live with a distant aunt and uncle.

Still hurt from Donna’s disastrous attempt to throw her a birthday party, Elle accuses Lucas of still having feelings for Libby. Lucas denies it and tells Elle he is ready to move on. Meanwhile, Donna accuses Libby in front of the other teachers of trying to steal Lucas away from Elle.

Furious, Libby asks Donna for her guardian’s details and Elle finds herself summoned to Erinsborough High where she proceeds to get Donna a lighter punishment. Later, Lucas takes Donna’s advice and meets up with Elle at Charlie’s where the two of them remember how well they get along.

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