Accepting that Sonya has stood him up, a heartbroken Toadie cuts their love lock from the railing. Watching it sink to the bottom of the lake, he finally accepts that their marriage is over. Conflicted and emotional, he decides he’ll take a short trip out of town to clear his head before he moves out of Ramsay Street permanently and into the nearby Eclipse Apartments.

Susan, however, presses him to reach out one last time. Toadie wavers, tempted to visit Sonya at home, but Mishti persuades him to hold off until he’s in a better mindset.

Meanwhile, Susan confides in Karl about her concerns for Sonya – could she have gone back to the bottle? Little do they know that Sonya is still lying unconscious on the floor at home. Will Toadie find Sonya in time?

Elsewhere, Gary is raging when he makes a shock discovery about Terese and Paul, and Tim piles the pressure on Amy to dig the dirt on Courtney.