Toadie stands up to Paul

Toadie has his work cut out during the meeting, especially when Paul gets involved. However, Toadie holds his own and just about handles the crowd but Kyle’s disappointed that Sonya is supporting Toadie, telling her she’s sold out. When Paul catches up with Toadie, he tries winding him up but Toadie points out that Paul’s just scared of not being the biggest fish in the pond.

Not able to leave it there, Paul does some digging and produces a letter that suggests the only reasons he’s on the case is because his ties to the local community will help their case. Toadie confronts Peter about this, but he manages to sweet-talk Toadie into believing they hired him on his own merit, and better still, the development has been given the go ahead which Peter claims is all down to Toadie. When Paul finds out, he’s furious, warning him not to cross him.

Jade’s annoyed when she comes home to find all of Rhys’s dirty dishes still in the sink, but he’s too busy chasing Martin Chambers, following his golf game with him and Karl. Wanting to make a point, Jade uses one of Rhys’s freshly ironed shirts clean out her smoothie maker he hasn’t washed up! And he’s not happy.