Following Jim’s revelation, Toadie calls Paul and tells him he can do his own dirty work. Paul calls in on Toadie and reminds him that with the upcoming wedding and baby on it’s way he needs all the money he can get. Toadie sticks to his guns and tells Paul to leave.

Callum is worried that Rocky’s behaviour has got worse since Sonya stopped training him and asks Lucas for her phone number. When Lucas meets up with Sonya he tells her about Steph and Toadie’s wedding. She is a bit shaken, but agrees to help Callum.

Later, when Toadie is buying groceries he sees Sonya. Just as their eyes meet, a guy approaches Sonya and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Realising Sonya has met someone new, Toadie looks upset and goes without his food, leaving Callum confused and Sonya feeling sad.

It’s the day of Donna’s driving test and with Zeke having passed the day before she is feeling the pressure. However she passes with flying colours and received less minor points than Zeke, which she takes great pleasure in telling him!

Toadie finds Sonya with Callum and Ben and tells them Sophie is looking for them. Alone with Sonya, Toadie takes the opportunity to ask her if they can be friends. Sonya agrees, but it all seems very awkward.

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