Toadie steps in to help Steve

Following his arrest, Steve continues to protect Bridget as the case against him mounts. Despite her devastation, Miranda pledges to keep his secret and forbids Bridget from telling police the truth. Meanwhile, fearing the stress will trigger her bi-polar symptoms, Samantha enlists Toadie’s help to represent Steve.

Toadie visits Steve in his cell where he says he knows he’s lying. Toadie then reveals Steve could be looking at life imprisonment if they can’t reduce the charge to manslaughter. Meanwhile, the police quiz Karl about the altercation he witnessed between Steve and Chris before his death, and Karl is forced to admit he heard Steve threaten Chris.

Despite Dan’s pleas for honesty, Samantha continues to keep quiet about her plans to have a baby. After a word with Karl, Dan confronts Samantha and her passionate argument convinces him to take a risk and start a family.

Libby pushes Ty and Rachel together in the hope he will encourage Rachel to sing again. When Libby sees how well they get along, she realises she must finally end Ty’s hope for a relationship and let him move on.

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