Toadie struggles with losing Steph’s case

With Toadie missing, Lucas, Sonya and Callum are worried. However, when Sonya arrives at the prison, she finds Toadie there, but Steph has refused to see him. Sonya tells Toadie not to push her away or punish Callum just because he is feeling sorry for himself.

Lucas turns up at the prison to talk some sense into Toadie, pointing out that if Toadie hadn’t persuaded Steph to lie about the baby being his then none of this would have happened. Toadie doesn’t appreciate what Lucas is saying and the boys end up fighting.

Callum and Sophie help Toadie prepare dinner for Sonya, but when she arrives she realises that despite his efforts, Toadie still isn’t willing to open up about how he is feeling about losing Steph’s case.

He admits that he failed Steph, and he doesn’t want to fail Sonya. She assures him she loves him and they will stick together. But when Toadie and Callum ask Sonya to move in, she says no, it’s not the right time.

With her upcoming date with hot cop Mark, Kate is feeling excited but nervous. Wanting to help her friend, Donna calls in Zeke to give Kate some dating practice.

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