Toadie is utterly shocked when Detective Hayes confirms that Mark Brennan is dead, but warns him not to tell anyone. At home, Toadie is snappy with Callum and Sonya notices that he’s uptight. He assures her he’s OK but when Callum and Sophie start bickering, he threatens to call the sleepover off.

The next morning, Toadie notices Sophie has left already and is surprised when Callum says she left last night. He tells his dad that Sophie’s never happy anymore and if people stopped keeping secrets, then things would simple. Giving Toadie food for thought, he heads over to see Kate, but he can’t bring himself to tell her what he knows. Back at home, Sonya hears him thrashing around and confronts him, knowing something is definitely wrong. He finally tells her that Mark is dead and that he can’t tell anyone and he is struggling to deal with it.

With Karl’s blessing, Susan takes Jim up on his offer of dinner. She tells him to talk to her and when he opens up he gets distressed about what his future holds. The next day Jim pays the Kennedy’s a visit and thanks Karl for letting Susan spend time with him when he needed it.

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