Xanthe’s concerned by Piper’s mood after discovering it was Evan who was behind all the online hate she had received. When Elly finds out about Piper’s mood, she suggests that Xanthe take her to The Summit – an outdoor adventure park where the girls have the opportunity to write out their anger and pain on an abandoned car. Will Piper and Xanthe get out their frustrations?

Amy decides to abandon her plans to accompany Toadie and Willow to see her father Fergus but later opts to go with them. When they arrive, Willow’s a little taken aback to find her father in a wheelchair and then feels further overwhelmed when she discovers she has two half-sisters both aged five. She decides to take a moment alone, so Toadie uses the time to interrogate Fergus and his intentions towards Willow. Will Toadie be impressed with Fergus’s plan?

Also, Steph offers to take the photos for the Backpackers Liveability campaign. The only problem is Jack is her model. Will the pair be able to keep things professional?