Toadie supports Steph

Steph and Toadie are waiting in the corridor for Dr Harris when Lyn walks in with a cupcake delivery. Steph tells Toadie to keep the lump a secret from her mum so she doesn’t freak out.

Summer finds Harry playing basketball in his driveway and rips into him for the way he treated Chris. Harry tells her he saw her and Chris kissing. Andrew comes to see what all the fuss is about and says that he and Harry need to forget about girls for a while and just have some blokes time together.

Doug tells Steph and Toadie that he’ll need to do an ultrasound to find out more about the lump. Lyn demands to know what’s really going on and is upset when they tell her the truth.

Natasha propositions Andrew and despite his pledge to Harry to forget about girls, he caves in. When Natasha takes Andrew to school he is confused, but Natasha starts to kiss him, just as her dad walks in. He’s annoyed and figures it was Andrew’s idea.

Everyone is relieved when Steph’s results come back negative! However, shaken by the possibility of her cancer returning, Steph explains her fears to Toadie, who has an important question to ask her!

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