Toadie is enjoying some quality family time with Willow, Amy and Jimmy when Willow’s biological father, Fergus, phones her. With the support of Amy, Toadie puts his feelings aside and encourages Willow to meet her dad. Also, is Amy starting to develop feelings for Toadie?

Meanwhile, Yashvi feels trapped. She’s relieved that knocking over Evan with her car didn’t leave him fatally injured, but just with minor bruises. However, she’s horrified to discover he’s Piper’s troll. Evan tells Yashvi he will keep her secret, if she keeps his. Will Yashvi do the right thing and tell the police that Evan is Piper’s troll?

Also, Piper’s down in the dumps after making no progress on finding out the identity of her troll. However, she’s shocked when Mark knocks on the door and reveals that IncongNitro is Evan!