Toadie takes on Paul’s case

Everyone gets a shock – especially Toadie – when Paul goes back on his word at his trial. He simply can’t say he killed Terese’s son – so he pleads not guilty. But then he has to convince Toadie to take on the case despite breaking their agreement.

Lauren begs Brad to talk Terese out of sending Cecilia to the stand with false testimony, but he tells her it’s too late to stop it without risking Terese getting into trouble.

Steph puts pressure on Terese to realise Paul is innocent and Terese takes to the hipflask to ease her nerves. Steph does as much as she can for Paul, painting herself as an unreliable witness to undermine her own evidence.

When Paul testifies he assures Terese he loves her, before claiming that Cecilia’s lies are an insult to the memory of Josh and Doug. Terese rushes from the courtroom and begs Cecilia to withdraw her testimony, but she refuses. Cecilia also reminds Terese that if she reveals the plan to the authorities, they’ll both go to prison.