Steph’s shocked she runs into her ex-girlfriend Belinda, who wants her back. Later, Toadie and Steph discover a wireless speaker in the garage that someone appears to have used to make Steph think she was hearing music. Toadie thinks Belinda’s responsible, but after a bit more digging, Toadie discovers another suspect… Vanessa Villante.

Ben’s health is growing worse, and Piper makes a decision to call a taxi to take him to hospital. When the adults finally catch up with Piper, she’s full of self-recrimination at daring Ben to set off the alarm and injuring Terese. Brad and Terese vow they’ll be right by Piper’s side as she faces the music.

Nate’s running another Interstate Pool Competition at The Waterhole and Kyle talks Amy into playing. As Kyle and Amy go head-to-head it’s clear they have chemistry. Declining Kyle’s invitation to join them clubbing, Amy leaves Kyle to party on with Shay. But it’s clear which woman Kyle would rather be going home with.