Toadie wants kids – but does Sonya?

The guys are taking their photos for the calendar but Lucas is really snappy so Mark tells him to calm down. When Declan arrives for his shots and asks Karl if Susan is free to babysit India, Toadie offers to look after her. Thinking it’d be easy, he’s soon over at Susan’s asking for help.

Back home, with Jade and Toadie failing to calm India, Sonya steps in and India stops crying, but when Jade comments on Sonya being a natural, Sonya gets defensive, telling Jade to mind her own business. And when Toadie starts talking about having kids with Sonya, she looks awkward and tells him she’s not sure that she wants children.

With tensions rising high between Mark and Lucas, Kate wonders what’s going on. Lucas makes out he feels awkward being around a loved-up couple all the time and when Mark finds out the guys get into a heated argument. Kate demands to know what’s going on, and Mark has to make up a story to protect Kate from the truth.

Also, Andrew tries desperately to speak to his dad about Tash’s pregnancy but, as usual, Paul doesn’t have any time for him.

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