Toadie stands strong as Paul seeks his revenge for his previous investigating. Struggling to find any skeletons in his cupboard, Paul hires to a detective to dig the dirt on Toadie’s past. But when Steph’s dark secrets come into question, Toadie warns Paul not to go any further. Meanwhile, Libby continues to pressure Steph into discussing Toadie and Sonya’s kiss. Although it’s Paul who get there first…

Diana’s presence still has an alarming effect in Ramsay Street and adds much to Paul’s worries of his crimes being brought into the open.

Natasha gets fed up with Summer’s continual digs at her relationship with Andrew. Turning to her dad for advice, Natasha decides to put Andrew on the spot and to learn whether their relationship really is shallow. But the outcome is a shock when she takes matters into her own hands. By testing his true feelings Natasha learns how cold and distant Andrew really is. She is surprised to find truth in Summer’s criticisms, yet responds with aggression towards Summer and her own love-life with Chris.

Steph and Toadie have a heart to heart about Paul’s threats. Comforting Toadie, Steph says that as a married couple they will face whatever comes next together.

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