Toadie explains to Sonya why she can’t accept Lucas’s money, warning her that if the business fails it will ruin their friendship and he’s seen it so many times in his line of work, even though they don’t think it will happen to them. When Sonya comes up with a compromise, and a way to prevent any problems, Toadie isn’t interested.

Susan is baffled when she hasn’t heard from Jim, asking Karl if she’s seen him around lately. She seeks legal advice from Toadie about getting involved with Jim’s affairs, but can tell something is up with Toadie. When he explains about Lucas’s offer, Susan tells Toadie not to let his pride get in the way of what Sonya wants.

At home he admits to Sonya that he wanted to be the one to provide for her which is why he was against Lucas giving her the money, but tells her he will support her whatever she decides to do. However, Sonya declines Lucas’s offer.

Andrew asks Paul for an advance on his wages to pay for the schoolies trip, but Paul tells him he has to manage his finances better, leaving Andrew wondering how he’s going to afford it.