Upbeat Toadie settles back into Ramsay Street, but Steph finds it difficult to hide her curiosity as to why he’s in such a good mood. Wary of asking him outright in case her motives are misconstrued, she gets advice from Susan who urges her to act as Toadie’s mate, rather than his former girlfriend.

But when she asks him bluntly about the numerous photos of a woman and child on his camera, Toadie is immediately defensive. But after a word with Dan, Toadie eventually reveals to Steph his surprising connection to the woman and child…

Unaware of Chris Knight’s dodgy history, Bridget finds herself getting closer to him and is thrilled when he agrees to go to the Formal with her. Elsewhere, feeling out of his depth by Taylah’s revelation, Zeke persuades her to talk to Karl, who is impressed with Taylah�s mature interpretation of the incident. But he worries when Taylah maintains that she still wants to take the contraceptive pill.

Also, after witnessing Rachel’s beautiful singing voice, Ty tries to persuade her to share her talent. And with Rebecca away, Declan goes to extreme lengths to cement his place at the Formal.

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