Toadie’s convinced he ran Robbo down

Toadie and Sonya remember Robbo spiked Sonya’s drink but Toadie actually drank it. He recalls reading a threatening text on Sonya’s phone and heading out to find Robbo. The next thing he remembers is waking up in Imogen’s car. He is convinced of his guilt and goes to the police where Matt suggests he have a blood test to back up his statement.

While at the hospital, Toadie sees Robbo in ICU and has another flashback. This time, he remembers confronting him the previous night. Later, Karl reveals no drugs or alcohol were found in Toadie’s system. Meanwhile, a flashback reveals Lucas had a bitter confrontation with Robbo and now Lucas is in possession of several thousand dollars.

Amber reveals to Lauren she has conflicting feelings for Robbo. She knows she shouldn’t care what happens to him, but she does. Lauren reassures her that her fixation with him will fade in time. Later, Amber confides in Imogen about the explicit ‘memento’ Robbo has of her on his phone.

Believing they’re protecting Amber, Imogen reports her car missing to the police, while Mason dumps it in the hospital car park. Later, she reveals to him that she threw Robbo’s phone away, but when they go to the site of the hit-and-run, it’s nowhere to be found.

Also, Paul pays Marty off for services rendered.