Toadie’s feeling the pressure

Toadie’s boss is coming over for dinner and with everything on track, the plan is running smoothly – until the power cuts out. With Peter at the door and no food cooked, Toadie and Sonya panic. The day is saved after his boss proposes a barbeque. But they’re not allowed to relax just yet because when opinionated Peter voices his strong views, he clashes with Sonya.

With Susan gone, Karl aimlessly mopes around the house. With nothing to take his mind off the situation, he decides to go stay with her. But Malcolm strongly advises him against it, arguing that Susan needs more time. Offering to go in his place, Malcolm goes to Anglesey instead. With Karl feeling more alone than ever, it’s questionable as to whether their marriage will pull through.

Sophie and Noah are rocking out on their guitars until they cause a power cut. With Noah spending more time with Sophie, she grows fonder of him by the day. When Noah presents her with a gift, a journal to write lyrics in, her crush develops. But hers isn’t the only crush developing as Noah takes a liking to Kate. With a love triangle emerging, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets their heart broken.