Toadie’s had enough of Jade

Sonya tries to smooth the situation over between Toadie and Jade, but things are still tense. In a bid to show Jade why Toadie is the right person to raise Callum, she gives Jade her police record, Callum’s adoption papers and references and a book one of Toadie’s friends made for him. She tells Jade to make sure she puts the folders away when she has finished.

While Jade is looking through the adoption papers, Lucas walks in and accuses her of snooping. She explains that the file got mixed up with other things but Lucas isn’t convinced. When Jade finally catches up with Lucas she tries to explain that she was just checking up on Toadie because he is dating her sister, but he isn’t happy about it and tells Toadie everything. Furious, Toadie tells Jade to pack her bags.

Kate and Sophie start to clash and when Callum comes over to play on the computer, Sophie starts acting weirdly. Not being able to find Kate, Sophie asks Jade for advice but she seems distracted. Sophie heads to Harold’s where she steals some sanitary towels. Lou and Kate confront Sophie where she finally admits what’s wrong. Kate is left feeling guilty that she hadn’t prepared Sophie for this.

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