Toadie buries his nerves and sets out on his first day at his new job. But alas, things don’t quite go to plan and he ends up making a pretty poor first impression on his new colleagues. Exhausted even after day one in his demanding new position, it starts to looks like Toadie is going to struggle at playing the corporate game.

Kyle sets out to convince Jade that Michelle needs to go – she’s getting too involved in their lives. But Jade doesn’t think getting rid of Michelle is the right thing to do. She seems confident that she can set some ground rules that clingy Michelle will abide by. But when the new housemate soon crosses the line, Jade starts to realise that Kyle may have had a point.

Sophie begins to learn the guitar, but it’s slow going and she’s frustrated. Luckily, Noah steps in with some tips to help her on her way.