Declan doesn’t know what to do, now that he knows Paul has doctored the CCTV footage to implicate him in a crime. Needing advice, he turns to Toadie. The two men quickly discover Paul’s been lying to them both, by presenting Declan as the culprit behind Donna’s accident. Together they try to collect evidence against Paul. Toadie soon finds an invoice that doesn’t make sense – a hundred thousand dollars are unaccounted for. Is Paul embezzling money and if so, what should they do? Declan knows that everything rests on the DVD of him at the building site…

Natasha mocks Lucas’s new mechanics class at school, and thinks that because Andrew is equally negative, it’s another sign they’re perfect for each other. However, when Summer joins the class, Andrew becomes more interested. Feeling jealous, Natasha uses her physical charms to lure Andrew away. Summer challenges Natasha about her relationship with Andrew – without the physical aspect, is there really anything there?

Declan knows he needs to stop what Paul’s doing, but if he calls the police, Rebecca will be involved and Declan doesn’t want to cause her any pain. He decides the best thing to do is keep things in-house. He puts in a call to Paul’s boss in America.

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