Toadie’s on trial

Rosie does a great job of defending Toadie against his drink-driving charge, but guilt-ridden Toadie ends up getting a licence suspension and fine. Later, when they return to their office, both Rosie and Toadie are shocked by Tim Collins’ harsh view of their abilities.

Tension is brewing as Oliver arranges his first family get-together with Declan and Elle both against their parents’ growing romance. After Elle makes her feelings clear to Paul, she decides to try to discover more about Oliver’s mysterious father, and prove Rebecca a liar. Elle plays detective to track down his identity. But is she opening a can of worms?

Carmella receives the shocking news that there are complications with her pregnancy and she may not carry the baby to full term. With this in mind, Carmella decides that until she knows her baby will survive, she won’t tell Oliver he’s the baby’s dad.

Deciding Harold needs cheering up after Sky’s departure, Janae drags him along to Mickey’s first footy match. But Ned, Janae and Harold are horrified to encounter the team’s military-minded coach whose idea of team spirit is to strike fear into the hearts of the kids. Ned finally snaps and makes a rash decision to be the new coach of the Erinsborough Pups.