Heroic Toadie manages to saves Steph but doesn’t manage to catch dodgy Jay who makes a hasty escape. Back home, a shocked Steph struggles to cope with what happened and blames herself for her predicament, relying heavily on Toadie for support. The police advise her to keep her doors and windows shut in case Jay returns.

So when Toadie and Steph receive news that Jay will soon be arrested, they begin to relax, unaware that danger may literally be lurking around the corner. And when Callum sees Jay in the house, it seems that Steph’s nightmare is set to begin all over again…

Elle urges Paul to tell Kirsten that he left her to die in the bush fire but he refuses. But he soon changes his mind and visits her in hospital where he reveals that he selfishly abandoned her in the blaze. Meanwhile, Kirsten attempts to hide the true extent of her injuries from Ned.

Also, Zeke and Bridget are embarrassed when Zeke accidentally sees Bridget naked, and Ringo and Zeke worry what Declan is going to say when he finds out.

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