It’s the morning of Harold and Carolyn’s wedding and Lou’s enjoying winding Carolyn up that Harold won’t show. But he might be right, when Toadie tells Lou that Harold’s missing. When they tell Carolyn that they can’t find him, she isn’t worried, telling them, she doesn’t doubt he’ll be there because they are in love and true love always wins through. These words are particularly poignant to Toadie and Sonya who are both there.

Meanwhile, Harold pays a visit to Madge’s grave to tell her he’s getting married, but that he’ll always love her. And just as Toadie is starting to panic, Harold arrives, just like Carolyn said he would. With all the romance of the wedding and a speech by Lucas about finding love, Toadie finally does the right thing and goes to find Sonya. He holds out his hand to her and when she takes it, he kisses her.

Mark’s relieved when he sees that Paul hasn’t run the police corruption story in the paper and thanks Kate for having a word with him. He invites Kate over to the house for drinks and board games with Jade and Kyle, and they get on brilliantly. Which is just as well after Paul warns Mark not to hurt his niece.

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