Toby betrays Ben

Jessica finally admits to a delighted Sean that she is pregnant. As Jessica prepares to tell Adam she is pregnant, Sean sweeps in and announces the news to the entire department. Jessica is furious at Sean who then tells everyone that they are moving to Saudi Arabia without consulting her first.

Adam is devastated but tries to hide his feelings by pretending he is delighted. During a day out with his brother, Alex, Adam learns that Alex’s condition is worsened and he wants to bring in a carer. But Adam dismisses him and remains in denial.

Ben, meanwhile, confronts Toby about his suspension. Toby agrees to help Ben clear his name but he is excruciatingly embarrassed about his sexuality and cannot bring himself to admit to Jordan that Ben did not put him under any pressure to sleep with him. Jordon immediately rallies round Toby and tells Ben to leave.

Elsewhere, Ruth attends her interview for surgical rotation but is furious when Jordan’s questions during the board scupper her chances.

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